What you should know about the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

The latest device of the Korean brand was introduced in Colombia on Tuesday. The device features significant improvements in areas such as camera resolution.

One of the things that stand out in the new Galaxy S7 Edge is the design of your screen, particularly the curvature of the display, which runs on all sides offering a continuity of image that is pleasant, intriguing case. Although not a new element, for it was present from the previous version (S6 Edge), remains one of the strengths in the construction of the device to use for non-branded phones.

Edge S7 work is to continue with a design line that has been awarded internationally and that many consider one of the best pieces designed by Samsung in its mobile line. It is not an easy task and, at least judging from consumer forums and followers of the brand, it seems to be fulfilled in terms of construction equipment.

With 5.5 inches, the device is a continuation of the trend of large phones, which seem to generate a kind of fanaticism among consumers: an extremism that is clearly defined between hatred or veneration. To refine a little discussion should say that these devices are often very useful when viewing content such as photos and videos.

The S7 Edge is no exception in this regard and its screen (1,440 X 2,560 pixels) offers a pleasant reading experience and high quality. The curvature of the display makes a difference when reading books, it seems to prolong the margins of reading the box and this gives a feeling of spaciousness and relaxation in the reader. At least one who had never extensively used a S6, like me.

The construction team provides a better grip than its predecessor and generally feels firm in the hand. Maybe something slippery for some, but this is a very personal matter. So is this: users with fat fingers and maybe some awkward may experience some problems with the curved screen of the computer, since the absence edge can lead to activate phone functions unintentionally when held with the whole hand. I happened more than once and, well, I have fat fingers and even too clumsy.

Team benefits are expected from a device of this range and price ($ 2’999.999, average for the Edge). The games run smoothly, graphics processing is fluid and the equipment tends to heat less than similar phones. New S7 incorporate a cooling system processor with water flowing inside an inner tube made of copper 0.4 mm.

Although this innovation had already appeared in Lumia and Sony devices, Samsung claims that the S7 and S7 Edge have 30% more performance processor (CPU) and 60% in graphics processing (GPU) due to low temperatures, which allow these components operate optimally when graphics intensive tasks or processing cycles.

Perhaps the most innovative aspect of the phone are the improvements brought the camera and, during its launch just over a month ago Barcelona were announced in special detail by Samsung.

The company first incorporated a technology known as dual pixel, which can increase the density of pixels on a sensor that, against all odds, did not grow in size compared to S6. This is a development present in cameras like the Canon 70D and, eventually, to translates into things like speed of autofocus.

The rear camera lens has a larger aperture (f: 1.7), allowing more light to the sensor. And these two things end up producing images that, at least in the tests in Barcelona, looked brighter and faster response autofocus.

In my tests, both aspects were consistent, especially in low light conditions, in which the camera was able to identify points of focus and produce poorly lit photos with less noise and better contrast, for example.

The phone is sealed against water and dust and can withstand up to 30 minutes under a meter and a half deep.

Personally, this feature was one of the least interesting on the computer. This until I took the phone to a pool: hours of fun, although obviously handling the device is difficult and sometimes seems to be more than adequate to respond to certain commands when it is submerged (within the limits established by the manufacturer , of course).

Professional interface camera mode, by which you can manipulate things like ISO, shutter speed and white balance, is not the most intuitive of the market, in fact. In very bright scenes, this information is presented in a confusing manner, which is a shame because the installed capacity of the camera certainly gets results in hand-held shooting.

Speaking of interface, the device has the latest version of Android, which provides a simpler browsing experience content and phone options, at least for a person who has only used consistently iOS (like me). This seems to be one of the cleanest of an operating system that is usually too contaminated by content preloaded by the manufacturer and sometimes by the operator editions.

In the latter, it should be noted that the device has a mode to transfer content from an Apple phone: contacts, notes, photos and videos are part of the package of data that can be moved from side to side. This copy is made of the phone as such, not from iCloud, place where many users keep things as your backup, which is perhaps the easiest way to make a backup of the entire team.

Although the battery S7 Edge grew in capacity (3,600 mAH), the constant use of the camera, for example, allows the team to reach the end of the day with a low percentage of load (without activating the two modes of energy conservation which has the equipment and that worth to say, very useful). The charging time, however, is usually faster than many of its competitors. For one another.

During testing, the S7 Edge managed, at times, find better data network that voice. Although, truth be told, communication problems were a constant during Easter.

The device has 4GB RAM (as well as many desktops that remain in place and in use) and with 32GB of storage, but also has the ability to incorporate a MicroSD card up to 200GB, as many of its rivals, with the notable exception of all models of iPhone (which, incredibly, still offering a base model 16GB of storage).

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