Warning! Mistake In Choosing The Web Host Can Spell Disaster For Your Business


With the current growth in technology, most businesses are using internet platforms to interact with their clients, advertise their services or products and boost their brand reputation. Such businesses are not just in social media, but you will find them with their own websites and blogs where they can share interesting content with their consumers. In such an environment, the choice of a web host determines the kind of experience your clients will have when browsing your website.

Dangers of wrong web hosting choice

Every business does its best to gain highest profits in their venture. In this case, it is crucial for enterprises to learn that a wrong web hosting service can have severe effects on their profits. Besides, it can become hard for customers to find the business or its website online due to poor ranking with search engines. The following are some of the dangers of choosing a wrong web hosting service:

Bottom line takes a hit

This happened to Amazon some years back when their site was down for about 40 minutes. During this time, the online trading giant registered a loss of about $5 million. Basically, if your web hosting service experiences a downtime, your clients cannot access your website to shop, read blogs or so. It becomes worse if this happens regularly. You are likely to lose such clients to your competitors.

Adverse effect on search engine ranking

It is important for your content to rank high in search engines. This is how your website draws large traffic thus increasing your business potential. This makes it necessary to choose good hosts and avoid frequent downtime. Besides, SEO experts attribute poor rankings to slow websites.

Security risks

If you work with a reliable web host, you can be rest assured that you will easily recover your data in case of security breach. This is because they store your data remotely in a separate server as backup should any malicious incident occur. A good provider will also avail proper technical support any time of the day to handle issues with the service. This makes it easy for you to get back online immediately and reduce chances of attacks from malicious internet users.

Factors to consider while choosing web hosting

Hosting options available

Always discuss with your provider to find out which options they have before choosing. Several hosting options exist in the market today. You will choose between Virtual Private Server (VPS), Shared, Managed Web Hosting and Dedicated. It could help to do your home work beforehand so that you can ask intelligent questions about each option when talking to a prospective provider.


This determines the amount of people you can have visiting your website at a time. To allow growth, look for a web host service that can scale the bandwidth should your internet needs increase. Another option is to choose a service that has unlimited bandwidth.


Processing power

This depends on your website. If you have an e-commerce site with different functions, this will call for high processing power. The different functions strain servers a lot thus calling for systems with high computing capability. Such systems are the best when you have a site that attracts many visitors. When choosing your host, be keen to avoid cheap offers that can hardly support your needs. Such are likely to have many users sharing the same servers. This slows down their systems and you are likely to experience frequent downtime.


Ability to upgrade

You expect your business to grow. As you begin gaining more visitors to your website, it goes without saying that your bandwidth and processing power needs will increase. Otherwise, the website will become slow. This makes it necessary to opt for providers who can accommodate your growing website traffic.


Cost factor

This is an important factor when choosing providers. It is paramount to look for a fair price for this service. However, do not rely on cost only. Different packages cost differently. It all depends on what you want. However, ask yourself if you want to pay cheap only to experience frequent outage or extended downtime? This could be detrimental to your business. Find a reasonable price for a reliable web hosting service that suits your business needs.


Customer support

Consumers can choose to browse your website any time of the day. Whether they choose to browse during the night or day, they should get access to your website easily. In this case, any good host will have their customer support working around the clock to make sure their clients are served effectively. Find out if the provider has representatives working 24 hours every day, throughout the year, should their clients call in for help. Are they swift, and knowledgeable?


Security features

You want to make sure that your information is protected. For this reason, any web hosting service you choose should explain the various measures they have taken to ensure security. Find out if they are ISO 27001 certified. Ask about the kind of firewalls they use. Make sure they have qualified professionals managing the firewalls.

Company reputation

What do other clients of this host say about their service? You could ask the company to provide reviews and endorsement from their past clients. People leave comments about their experience with a provider in the internet as well. Search for reviews under their company name and see if you can get some meaningful information before settling on them.


Generally, there may be no web host service provider who can assure their customers 100% uptime. However, it helps to work with those doing their best to offer at least 99%. There are several measures such a host can take to lower service downtime significantly. Find out what your host is doing to improve your experience with them.


As the world becomes more depended on the internet, any business cannot afford to lack a website. Once you have one, a single minute of downtime is not an option. Customers do not enjoy waiting too long for websites to come live. Will you lose revenue when your website slows or goes offline? Weigh your options keenly and choose a provider that will keep your business running online as desired.

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