WalkBiz, a service that allows you to get a customized mobile application for your business

WalkBiz, a service that allows you to get a customized mobile application for your business

Mobile apps that allow customers to captivate each SME that decides to innovate; providing a new shopping experience.

WalkBiz; is a service that allows a mobile application customized with all the information of a business, also can be made where sales and orders . It is a marketing tool that can attract, engage and retain customers; It offers continuous presence of the brand in the minds and daily lives of consumers that downloaded to your mobile device.

Finally, it is a channel of communication powerful as the business owner can give its customer notifications, warning such a new promotion available in a specific branch.

WalkBiz is designed to allow small and medium businesses generate and manage their business mobile App without having any programming knowledge, seeking to give these companies an additional advantage over their competition.

These small companies seeking to avail themselves of technological resources affordable to innovate and thus attract new customers and retain the preference of those who already have.

Currently e – commerce represents a new sales channel for business. This helps facilitate communication between the company and its customers as an additional service provides remote service. An example: anyone would like to order a burger and fries only with their mobile, with the ability to make and receive exclusive promotions being valid user of this App and even better get your order at home. This certainly improves the shopping experience and generate to the desire to do it again.

In short, a mobile App represents a new interactive channel that connects a business with all customers in a different way, without resorting to the branch. With this tool you can pass on to customers of each business relevant information from each of its products, services, branches and more. It also facilitates the process of buying online.

You can get to think that this technology is exclusively for programming experts Apps. This is false; the ease of use and speed of delivery are the main benefits WalkBiz offers. The application is automatically configured through a portal service. This site has a friendly design and simple, the staff of the company should only provide information about your brand: colors, logo, promotions etc.

These will be used for application development that will be ready in about two weeks. Subsequently, the company simply enter your name and password to identification WalkBiz portal to manage your business information.

You can add and remove products with its image, description and prices; modify and update Google Maps leaning branches; send notifications about news of the company; launch promotions by setting their terms; there is also the option of receiving orders and put a state as that order is found.

In addition, WalkBiz offers other modules that provide an experience to users such as favorites and collection orders in-app, and is developing more applications to enrich its customers.

Knowing that young companies have limited budgets most of the time, WalkBiz manages affordable. SMEs will have to pay a monthly rent of $ 699.00 MXN (semiannual and annual plans) that will allow access to all the mentioned modules.

It is noteworthy that from 1 August 2014 until 31 December this year, WalkBiz will be a launch price of $ 499.00 MXN per month per branch (promotion valid only for annual contracts). This income can be compared to a rent for the Internet service or phone service which makes it very accessible and cost effective for any business.

Currently, WalkBiz team is looking for companies wanting to add to its portfolio of solutions innovative and promising product, joining the network of authorized distributors WalkBiz. For more information, visit the site web of the solution.

WalkBiz creators, Biaani Consultancy Services, is a company of Information Technology which develops and integrates products and services to offer the best solutions to their customers through custom development. Looking at each project be partners, suppliers and technology partners of each client, offering comprehensive solutions for their business through the correct use and implementation of information technologies.

With WalkBiz, they want to democratize access to MSMEs to cutting-edge technology with very high growth potential and yet currently almost exclusive corporate investment by large asking: mobile applications.

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