Value and inherent benefits of computer aided laser marking systems


The inherent benefits of today’s most advanced computer-enhanced laser marking systems cannot be disputed any longer. The top-quality, unique images and machine-readable codes that are performed by computerized laser markers outperform past alpha-numeric markings. Laser marking technology has great potential and it is currently implemented in a wealth of industries, including: firearms, medical devices, jewelry, aerospace components, vehicles, and more.

A closer look at laser marking systems
Laser marking technology is incredibly precise. The marking is performed at a really high speed using detailed computer software, and for this matter the marks are very easy to create. The pioneering type of software manufactures unique themes for your business, thus helping your brand evolve and expand. Many believe that laser marking technology is challenging to understand and complex to put into application. It’s not. The process is simplified by the software and the actual marking is done automatically by a laser.


Benefits of computer-enhanced laser marking technology
With the advent of advanced technology, many industries have changed their operating mode. Traditional laser marking techniques have been replaced by computer-enhanced tactics and strategies. The benefits of the laser marking system are vast:

  1. Increased durability – laser marking systems don’t stain surfaces; they engrave them, modifying their initial state. This means that the mark is permanent and it is not subject to incidents caused by natural factors or abrasion. Businesses need markings that can last, and laser marking systems can do that.
  2. Temperature resistant – conventional marking methods are susceptible to inclement heat, particularly in industries such as the medical field where the devices go through frequent sterilization. Laser markings are top-notch; incredibly resistant to heat fluctuations linked to sterilization, these last for ages.
  3. Userfriendly – laser marking systems operate on user-friendly software. This means that understanding and using the technology is incredibly easy. The programs are easy to learn, which an added bonus is if your company hires rookies.
  4. Top-quality marking – laser marking technology is extremely detailed and exact. Logos, image, text, and readable codes are made with incredible precision and clarity.

Main features of laser marking systems
Computer-aided laser marking systems have changed the way we engrave items for our business completely. The technology is currently used in many industries, including in the automotive, medical, science, and business fields. The systems import templates images and mark those images on a specified surface (plastic, metal, aluminum, etc). They additional generate shift, date and time codes and they feature hundreds of fonts to choose from.

Laser marking technology – a growing trend in many industries
As far as laser marking tools are concerned, fiber lasers are a growing trend. They use ytterbium in engraving processes such a welding, marking and cutting. At last, companies understand that there’s a lot of value in the technology. The machines are top of the line; they provide unique reading codes and are able to produce extremely precise images, barcodes, logo, and more. Whether you have an auto shop or jewelry store, there’s no doubt that a laser marking system can come in handy.

Non-contact laser marking technology is famous for its high temperature resistance, durability and micro-coded lasers mark that are extremely resistant at extreme heats. The etched material won’t degrade and the whole process doesn’t include the use of any toxic solvents, acid, or inks. As far as additional traceable marking methods are concerned, we should mention that hand engraving, ink jet, and dot peen marking are viable alternative; yet as time passes the etched surface might fade.

The benefits of laser marking technology cannot be disputed. The systems are incredibly advanced and precise, and businesses of all types have started to acknowledge their value. And yet some companies don’t want to embrace it. Many businesses still believe that computer-aided laser marking is expensive and difficult to understand.
This is the way to go if you want to keep up with the competition. Lasers are here to stay, we’re certain about that. They’re being used in retail, cosmetic surgery, science and numerous other industries; and they feature numerous benefits too. Laser marking is just the one category, one pieces of a huge puzzle that will soon replace conventional engraving systems for good.

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