Using Apps To Save Money

using apps

using apps

There are apps for everything and that even includes those for saving money. Sometimes it can be hard to save money and constantly remind yourself to be cost conscious all the time. There are apps that can help with that and also help you budget out your month or even your year.

The Groupon app can help you save on trips from Groupon as well as their other products. What some people don’t know is that they have coupons for other large stores like Sam’s Club that can help save on products as well as memberships. Since Groupon has coupons updating daily it is important to look for any coupons or deals before you go out shopping. This can save you money each time you go to the store or book a trip.

The Level app is great for those who usually are close to over drafting their bank account. There are times when people try to keep a running tally in their head of how much money they can spend. The level app helps eliminate this as it links to your checking and savings account giving you a running tally of how much money you have available to spend. This being said, keeping your checking account close to empty without having it linked to your savings is risky as fees can pile up quickly.

Unsplurge is a great app if you are saving towards a goal whether it be a trip or even a down payment on a home. There are challenges like the 52 week challenge where you donate an increasing amount each week. If you start at a dollar and go up by a dollar each week it comes out to over $1200 and the most it would take from you in a week is $52. This is great for those who have trouble saving up for big purchases.

Apps can help do everything and organizing finances for someone is extremely difficult. A person’s monthly expenditures and bills are constantly updating so it could take an accountant or an app to completely organize them. Whatever app you choose, make sure that it helps you on your saving journey.

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