Twitter succumbs to ‘Like’

Twitter succumbs to 'Like'

Twitter today announced that it will eliminate “favorites” platform, a function that will be called “likes” and to be represented by a heart instead of a star.

The aim of this formal change, which follows the symbolic wake of Facebook and Instagram, is to make the most simple and intuitive interaction, especially for new users: Twitter sees the heart and the expression “like” are more universal, descriptive and understandable that the star and “favorite” word.

“We want Twitter to be an easier-to-use and rewarding and we know that, sometimes, the star could be confusing, especially for newcomers. Surely you like a lot of things, but all can not be favorites, “it stated the company in a statement.

The objectives of the CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, the figure easier to use platform: to date, investors have been criticizing that the service is not very appetizing and quite confusing for new users.

There are four ways to interact with another user on the network of “microblogging”: writing a tweet, “retuiteandolo”, putting a direct message (private communication) or marking a tweet as a favorite, an action that is performed by pressing a button star shape.

Basic earnings show that the favorite is liked a tweet, but it is also a way to select to access it later. The functions of the new “likes”, predictably, will not be very different, but Twitter defend the symbol of the heart “can transmit a wider range of emotions.”

The shift to “like”, which comes into force this afternoon, was also introduced in the implementation of short videos Vine. Periscope, also owned by Twitter, already has the symbols of hearts.

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