Top 7 movies of 2016 for Gamers


2016 will not only delight us with pleasant gaming news, but we are also going to see some excellent movies this year. Therefore, today we would like to post Top 7 movies,that a typical gamer is bound to enjoy. In addition, we recommend, you read some interesting facts about video games in Toronto if you are into gaming.

Steve Jobs / January 1

Another biopic about the life of the legendary Apple CEO has several advantages over the previous one: the film has been approved by Steve Wozniak himself, who, in case you do not know, was Steve Jobs’ close friend and worked with him for many years. Aaron Sorkin, a genius of screen writing, is responsible for the plot, and the main role was given to one of the best actors of our time, Michael Fassbender. In general, the movie should be worthwhile.

What is interesting: the assassin is promoting “Apple” products.

Dead pool / February 11

Perhaps this superhero movie is even more anticipated than Avengers. It should be noted that the film has really done a great job: Ryan Reynolds did his best to initiate the shooting of the movie and the PR campaign of the film is so insane that everyone knows about it. Oh yes, it also has a PG 18+ rating.

What is interesting: red suit.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies / February 11

Although the film is not affiliated with any comics or with games, still gamers should appreciate it. Having taking the novel by Jane Austen as a basis, the creators preserved the central plot. However, now the charming heroes fight not only for love, but also against a horde of zombies. The atmosphere is in the spirit of Left for Dead, which some people might really appreciate.

What is interesting: zombies, blood.

Triple 9 / February 25

Angry Birds in the movie / May 12

This is the first animated film created on the basis of a mobile game, which is huge. The plot tells us about the beginning of the confrontation between the evil birds and pigs.

What is interesting: pigs fly as fast as they do in the game.

Captain America: Civil War / May 5

Despite all these strange “love” relations in the triangle of Stark- Bucky-Rogers, there is something else in the movie, which is worth watching. For example, new characters like Ant-Man, Black Panther, Spider-Man and, of course, the “updated” the Scarlet Witch, that pleases any man with her looks. The main concern is the upcoming kaleidoscope of “incredibly funny” jokes.

What is interesting: 2 stand-up comedians Stark and Lang

Those who love crime stories and buy PC games like PayDay, will definitely enjoy one of the best action movies of the year in which the very cast might make you shiver all over: Woody Harrelson, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Anthony Mackie, Norman Reedus, Aaron Paul, Kate Winslet ,Gal Gadot and Michael Kenneth Williams. Even “Suicide Squad” cannot boast of such a team.
What is interesting: “Falcon” robs a bank under the noses of Avengers.

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