The Royal Family is aimed at Periscope

The Royal Family is aimed at Periscope

La Casa del Rey has been “targeted” to the Periscope Twitter app to broadcast live some of the most significant acts of the official visit of the Kings to the US, which began last Tuesday in Washington, where Philip VI he met with Barack Obama, and end Friday morning in Florida.

Periscope can be transmitted in real time any recorded with a mobile phone event, and playing video is still available for the next 24 hours transmission.

Zarzuela has thus become the first European Casa Real using this new system implemented last March and already follow more than ten million users worldwide.

The royal family has a successful official Twitter account (CasaReal), active since March 21, 2014 and reaches 277,000 followers, which reaches about all public activities of the Royal Family in various formats.

Along with the text, photos and links to videos Youtube account of the institution, as of this week is possible to view images obtained with Periscope on the Kings travel to the US.

In addition to reporting these acts the Royal House has introduced for the first tweets in English.

Although image quality is very uneven Periscope, the first three videos submitted from the US show the visit Prince Felipe and Princess Letizia did Tuesday the pantheon of George Washington in Mount Vermont, arrival at Georgetown University, Wednesday and the speech that the monarch gave a dinner for the Kings in this educational institution.

With photos and text may also follow the Twitter account of the Royal House the other events of the program for this trip, most notably the King’s meeting with Obama in the Oval Office, on Tuesday, and the parallel meeting that kept Letizia with the first lady, Michelle Obama.

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