The Japanese film “Sayonara”, the first co-starring an actress Android

The Japanese film "Sayonara", the first co-starring an actress Android

The Japanese film “Sayonara”, the first co-starring an android actress, come next 21 theaters in Japan after its international premiere at the 28th Film Festival Tokyo.

The film is a joint project of Japanese director Koji Fukada (“Hospitalite”), playwright Oriza Hirata and Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro and engineer, head of the Laboratory of Advanced Telecommunications of Japan that bears his name and known for their designs look automata human.

“Sayonara” (“Goodbye” in Japanese) recounts the relationship between Leone, a humanoid robot, and Tania, a woman who has fallen seriously ill after being affected by radiation emanating from a nuclear accident unspecified.

The film is an adaptation of a play of that Japanese author and is the “first film starring a pair of human and android” according to the International Tokyo Film Festival (TIFF), where the film opened last weekend of week.

The protagonist robot is able to reproduce human speech and expression on his face, but can not walk, so it appears in the movie about a wheelchair.

Its body is constructed with a metal skeleton covered by articulated yy silicone rubber skin-like appearance, and during filming was operated by remote control.

Android is a “model Geminoid-F “developed by Ishiguro, who since 2005 has designed and built several generations of human and robots capable of interacting with people, including a robotic clone of himself respect.

The work of Ishiguro was recognized this year with the National Award for Science and Technology awarded by the Japanese Ministry of Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, and some of his automata are exhibited in the Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan) Tokyo.

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