The AEPD the challenge of prevention is marked by pedagogy

The AEPD the challenge of prevention is marked by pedagogy

Given the constant challenges to privacy in the Internet age, the Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD) has been proposed to further promote the prevention of infringement as pedagogy, as stated in its strategic plan 2015-2019, Efefuturo explained to the director, Mar Spain.

The draft of the plan of which has been subject to public consultation, recently closed, has received more than 350 comments from citizens and private and public organizations, to be analyzed now and assess what will be included in the final text, to be published I planned for mid of this month.

According to the director of the AEPD, a battery of recommendations, specifications and tutorials are being developed by the Agency to advise on privacy to businesses and citizens, some of them in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, as part of this plan, whose content will be reporting to the autonomous communities.

Speaking to Efefuturo, Mar Spain has especially emphasized the material produced to raise awareness among children, families and teachers about the risks associated with the Internet.

He recalled that the average age of onset in the virtual world is seven years, according to data, two out of three children have social network profiles, while a third of them contacts with strangers.

The flash cards also include practical advice, for example on the use of easily accessible tools that prevent a trace while you surf the web or how to disable geolocation system, mobile phone

Furthermore, according to the director of the AEPD, it is producing a guide with tips for colleges when evaluating case by case the prevalence of the right to protect minors, and that is something fundamental, reiterated, in situations such as considering the possibility of incorporating cameras or other devices in a particular school.

It continues, “is very important collaboration between departments such as the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Telecommunications, the Police and Civil Guard,” as is being done, added the director of the AEPD.

Not only children but also parents and teachers of the potential privacy implications of seemingly naive actions as rising comments or videos to a social network must be made aware.

In cyber bullying, he recalled the recent launch of a plan in coordination with other institutions involved in the protection of data, including channels of communication so close to children as a number of WhatsApp to guide them on how to preserve your privacy in social networks.

Also, the strategic plan includes a guide AEPD claims in the field of telecommunications: more than 3,000 a year in this area, the total of 10,000 that the Agency receives approximately annually.

“I worry especially, and one of my priorities will be the subject of fraudulent use of personal data in the telecommunications area,” said Mar Spain; in fact, “we have had a meeting with companies in the sector,” he added.

It is unacceptable, he continues, that a person denied a mortgage the bank included in the list of defaulters of a telecommunications company that erroneously included because of the fraudulent use of its identity after being usurped data personals.

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