That will be the best mobile 2016

That will be the best mobile 2016

Every year the same thing happens, a certain manufacturer decides to excel in hardware with a particular component or differential functions in software. Well, when we are closing the year, and have made all major releases, as we did last year we will study how to be the best mobile 2016.

We talk about the best mobile while such features will see in the high-end smart phone. Therefore, it is assumed that these terminals are “the best” for its technical specifications, higher than the lower grades. Explained this, we return to the previous question to remember that they have already moved some of the hardware features that we will see next year level, but at the moment are available in models counted on the fingers of one hand.

More curved screens and functions for them

The Galaxy S6 + edge and edge of the South Korean firm have brought a preview of the future. Curved screen as they have already mounted the Edge Note or LG G Flex, but this time with three faces.

That will be the best mobile 2016

This feature is expected to become “widespread” in the coming year 2016, when Samsung will have had longer range use and exploit its property in exclusive and probably as Sony does with its powerful cameras allow others to use their screens for this type configuration. And if not by Samsung as a provider, there will be other ways to mount panels such alternatives to Samsung brands.

4 GB RAM, the new “standard”

One, two three … it is not the old account, but the standards in RAM that have been sucendiendo in recent years in the high range.

And yes, Samsung prepares a phone with 6 GB of RAM, but the “standard” to be generalized in the high end are the 4GB of RAM, more than enough to run smoothly any option of multitasking on Android and iOS, definitely.

Speaking four 4K screens …

QHD resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels has begun to succeed in the high-end catalog also positioning itself as a property “standard” for this year. And yes, there are manufacturers who continue to rely on the full HD 1920 x 1080 pixels, but Sony has taken the first step including 4K screen on your Xperia Z5 Premium.

Therefore, there is high competition in the sector is evident that in 2016 we will see more models 4K. And although Sony rescaled most content to Full HD resolution and the number of pixels is a drag on the battery, the technical specifications war still raging in the high end, as every year.

More efficient processors of 10 nanometers

The South Korean firm has demonstrated its character with the Samsung Galaxy S6 and derivatives this year. It has distanced himself in performance thanks to the decoupling of Qualcomm in high-end smart phone, and also this has made them avoid overheating the Snapdragon more powerful, a problem that affects teams like HTC One M9 or OnePlus One 2 , among some others.

Well, for next year are already preparing 10-nanometer processors, obviously, we offer a far superior performance compared to the current 14 nanometer are mounting their strongest teams.

In addition, this change in the hardware means greater energy efficiency and therefore a guarantee that we will have more autonomy even with lower capacity batteries. Another benefit? Reaching the temperature is greater, all at a higher density capacitor inside.

Screens Touch Force that detect pressure

China’s Huawei brand, against all odds, was ahead of Apple with its Huawei Mate with S Force Touch technology. Now the Cupertino firm has also launched its 3D Touch terminals, both the technology 6s iPhone as iPhone 6s Plus.

In both cases, we talk about a technology that allows detecting the pressure we do on the screen with your finger, and the interesting thing is profit through software. In the case of Apple, it allows us to zoom and display special menus.

In the case of Huawei, we can use the display as a scale, zoom and other functions.

Will we see more mobile in 2016

These are the characteristics that, according to the trend of manufacturers, most will see over the next 2016 on smartphones, 2016. In any case, we will see other technological innovations as the first folding mobile, a milestone that will mark appears Samsung.

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