Ten open world games that we enjoy in 2016

Ten open world games that we enjoy in 2016

The open world games are a growing trend since the arrival of Xbox One and PS4. We speak of ten of the most anticipated of 2016

The world of gaming is constantly evolving. During the past generation the gender of standardized open-world game in which the player fails a predetermined path and can enjoy a molded to their desires to advance the story or enjoy a short session crazy experience.

Gradually the big franchises have been molding and even changing what most characterized them. The last example we have with Metal Gear V: The Phantom Pain, using a list of tasks with which they flirted Solild Metal Gear: Peace Walker.

November is characterized as the month of the year in which more bombs are launched. Fallout 4 Tomb Raider, Star Wars Battlefront or Call of Duty Black Ops 3 are just one example of what awaits us until the end of the year. Therefore I want to talk about those games open world that presumably will come in 2016. We all know that we should not take for granted any release, so pray for delays virus does not affect any of them.

Ten open world games that we enjoy in 2016

Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst

The first Mirror’s Edge was launched in the distant year 2008. This first person game actually surprised by the originality of its colorful aesthetics and control. On his way to highlight the most, he chose a mechanical where we did not shoot a single bullet and our path was marked by signaling interactuables objects with an unmistakable red color. In recent years the public has been asking for a new delivery.

Catalyst, a reboot of the series that promises to offer an entire city to explore and gameplay suited the times: Finally in late May Mirror’s Edge will be released. We expect a lot of Faith.

Ten open world games that we enjoy in 2016

No Man’s Sky

The ambitious title of Hello Games brings us mixed feelings. It is really commendable that such a small study intends to revolutionize the world of video games with the procedural titles recently. The company itself has been repeated ad nauseam that every game will be different and that the universe is going to shape our way.

Similarly two players could ever meet and it would take many years to explore every inch of the game. The game will be released on the PlayStation 4 and PC next year.

Ten open world games that we enjoy in 2016

The Division

Ubisoft romance and presentations of controversial game is already a classic. The company on suspicion of users won after what happened with Watch Dogs. The Division continued along the same path, with a spectacular open world where cooperation and the use of online communication was key to stay alive.

A long time ago that we know nothing of the game and the shadow of a possible downgrade looms with force. Of all the little we have seen we love it, so it could be one of the games of the year. We hope that no more delays.

Dishonored 2

Bethesda has an ace up his sleeve for his first conference prior to E3 2015. After leaving us with an open mouth presenting the new DOOM it was the turn of another of its most anticipated games.

The great Dishonored sequel will star Emily Corvo and Kaldwin, fragile girl who had to protect in the first installment. Many details about the game are not known but promises to have the same opportunities that allow us to complete a level in a thousand different ways.

Mafia 3

If anything became clear to us in the presentation of Mafia 3 it is that the family is the most important. The game in New Orleans ambientara 1968. At our disposal we have an almost endless hive of activity that includes vehicles, fashion and music of the time.

During this hectic period, corruption was the order of the day and the town has become a haven for organized crime.

The protagonist of the game is Lincoln Clay, a veteran of the Vietnam War who returns from the battlefield in search of a place to call home. But on his return he will find a story of betrayal and murder alliances that will completely transform the concept of organized crime. We’ll see if he has enough personality to stand out from GTA, beyond the historical context.


After impressing critics with Bayonetta 2, Platinum Games announced a new exclusive Xbox One to be launched next year. It is Scalebound and will be starring Drew, a young rebel who keeps a special relationship with a dragon will be his fellow combat. The most interesting is that how we fight directly depend on our degree of affinity with the scaly beast. Platinum is rarely disappoint with frantic and crazy high-quality titles and Scalebound not seem to be an exception

The Legend of Zelda

Wii U users wait patiently a new The Legend of Zelda is being done to pray too. Late last year Shigeru Miyamoto and Eiji Aonuma showed us a brief snippet of gameplay. The size of Hyrule was huge, but the world seemed empty and pretty green development. Shortly after the announced delay of game until an indefinite date.

Some say that eventually could be launched in NX, the new platform for the company, but reiterated that it would in Nintendo Wii U. Is the story of a dual launch as Twilight Princess Gamecube and Wii will be repeated.

Far Cry: Primal

Ubisoft surprised us last week with the announcement of a new Far Cry set in prehistoric times. Thus leaving the franchise mechanical shooting, explosions to focus on survival in a world that can be eaten at any time for any beast. Conceptually it promises to be truly innovative and we really wanted to try it. Appear somewhat esoteric worlds we’ve seen in the two previous installments?

Horizon: Zero Dawn

Guerrilla Games was one of the great players of the past E3 with the announcement of this game that mixes brilliantly concepts such as hunting with bow and fearsome robotic enemies shaped like animals. The company said it was looking forward to a few weeks away from the gray world of Killzone maravillarlos saga to an open world where wildlife and vegetation will be important to improve our team and make ends meet.

Final Fantasy XV

The End Fantasy was launched in 2016? It is certainly one of the big questions that haunt all fans of the franchise. Episode Duscae show left us with a great taste with its amazing graphics and a combat system that offers a wide range of possibilities. As if that were not enough Noctis history promises to be as exciting as those that dazzled us in the first Playstation. The stakes are very high but we have never lost hope.

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