Telephone Data Protection for minors in internet

Telephone Data Protection for minors in internet

The Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD) will open a communication channel with 901, WhatsApp and an e-mail to help preserve the privacy of children, especially on the Internet, according to an agreement signed today with the Ministry of Education.

The agreement will also serve to form in the responsible use of new technologies, to be respectful of the rights of individuals, and to sensitize the school community about the privacy of children and adolescents, he explained the director of the AEPD, Sea Spain, in a conference on school life inaugurated by the Minister of Education, Inigo Mendez de Vigo.

He stressed that Spain is one of the priorities of the agency and a “stable framework” Education for cooperation with educational projects and actions of data protection of this group of “vulnerable” age.

They can communicate through said channel both teachers and students and families, in order to result in a better school climate, he noted.

Mendez de Vigo said that there will be training for teachers and the children themselves so they know how to set privacy of connections and network communications.

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