Smart maps, increasingly wise and agile by the boom sensors

Smart maps, increasingly wise and agile by the boom sensors

The “intelligent mapping” , a technology that transfers data of daily life in real time to display maps with just a “click” complex information and improve decision-trigger features with the rise of mobile sensors, the ” Big Data ” and the internet of things.

With mapping “smart” can be made and maps of virtually everything. For example, to easily visualize different train punctuality or to monitor the sewage as do the water distribution companies.

Also, tourism officials use this mapping to inform visitors of the attractions in a city, and also be used to meet specific aspects such as levels of oxygenation of the different areas of the ocean.

On security issues, mapping “smart” allows even know where a fire could spread.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS in Spanish or English) is as they are called these mapping tools linking technology and data and to organize and modeling large amounts of real-world data to link them to a spatial reference, and optimize the management of services besides making smarter decisions.

2015 ESRI

Wednesday has started in Madrid one of the reference events in the field of cartography “intelligent” , the ESRI Conference 2015, which runs through Thursday, with more than 2,000 attendees expected from 700 organizations; among others, Telefonica, Tomtom, Tracasa, Microstrategy, Airbus, Aena.

Also, the city of Seville, the Island Council of La Palma, Metropolitan Area of Barcelona, the Group Emergency Andalusia, the Municipal Transport Company of Madrid (EMT), the Government of Extremadura, and several universities, including the Polytechnic Madrid or Zaragoza and Seville, among others.

Mapping “smart” is becoming increasingly popular in all kinds of areas, according to participants at the conference.


The municipalities use these mapping tools to manage the land or urban furniture and even to inform citizens on the location of social services.

Security agencies, Defense and Emergencies use maps “smart” to plan evacuation operations or security.

For example, firefighters rely on mapping “smart” to locate in real time the geographical spread of the flames and even to predict the evolution of the fire.

Increased circulation data, accessible in real time with booming phenomena as the “Internet of things”, the “Big Data” analysis or “smart” data and the expansion of networked sensors allow portray in those maps information with new variables that until now could not be easily integrated under coordinates.

In the event, the CEO of ESRI Spain, Alfonso Rubio, has also referred to the potential of electronic tablets and mobile phones “smart” to display information and allow access to any information from their screens at any time place.

The incorporation of other variables in the maps “smart” to which access was not as images obtained with drones cameras also bring great cartographic innovations, he said.

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