Sales force splash out the window

Salesforce splash out the window

Senior executives from Uber EFEFUTURO and Microsoft paraded today by the annual conference of the software giant in the Sales force cloud in San Francisco, which sang by surprise on Wednesday the singer Stevie Wonder and where an illustrative euphoria of technological “boom” breathes the moment.

The conference, which attracts 160,000 participants, has overflowed San Francisco and even has a luxury cruise ship docked in the port of San Francisco, where 1,100 attending the meeting are housed.

Known for having automated recurring tasks of professional sales and marketing, Sales force also helps businesses manage calls Customer Service.

The company, which impressed Wall Street with sales of 1.630 million in the second quarter of this year, leads the field of software for the management of relationships between companies and their customers, valued at 23,000 million dollars, according analyst firm Gartner.

Marc Benioff, chairman and CEO of, said today that the world is experiencing a technological revolution in the generation of information and data is unprecedented and allows to understand and meet customer like never before thanks to the development of intelligent tools.

Benioff also referred to the revolution of the Internet of Things, it has been coined as the growing tendency to connect devices such as thermostats, dishwashers or power lines from one city to the network.

The company announced Tuesday the launch of a platform that seeks to improve the analysis of data collected from connected devices.

The service, named IoT Cloud provides the ability to monitor and gain valuable information from those devices connected to the network.

Emerson Electric is one of the companies that plan to use the IoT Cloud platform to combine data from its network of smart thermostats connected to the web with weather forecasts and other information and help their customers better manage their heating and air conditioning.

The second day of the convention was attended Sales force Travis Kalanick, CEO of Uber shared transport company.

Kalanick, who participated today in a talk of about 45 minutes with Benioff did not advance any new services, but said that if one is able to ensure the arrival of a car in five minutes, “there are many things that can be delivered in five minutes.”

The company recently launched Uber Eats, which already operates in several US cities, and promises to deliver food within ten minutes.

“If something can be transported from place to place is our business,” said Kalanick.

He predicted, moreover, that within 20 years the world will attend the automation of all sectors and said that, as a technology company, Uber not stand that future even if it means that their drivers are replaced by robots.

“Of course that alters our business but as a technology company, you have to wonder if you’re going to be part of the future or resist it,” he said. “We are a technology company, we want to be part of the future,” he said.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, also attended the conference Salesforce, in which both companies announced closer cooperation and greater integration of some of their products as service calls and Internet messages through Skype.

The conference will focus on Thursday on women’s leadership and will be attended by the CEO of YouTube, Susan Vojcicki, and actresses Jessica Alba and Goldie Hawn.

Among the side events figure holding a concert on Thursday night will feature the participation of rock bands Foo Fighters and The Killers, as well as guitarist and actor Gary Clark.

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