In France, they used robot to transplant a kidney through the vagina

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The operation, described as unprecedented worldwide, was conducted successfully.

Two French hospital surgeons transplanted a kidney removed to a living donor to a recipient vaginally “in a single unique sequence using a surgical robot”, according to sources from the center who qualify unprecedented operation worldwide. The extraction followed renal transplantation were performed in July vaginally two sisters, said a statement from the Rangueil hospital in Toulouse (southwest France).

Valerie Perez, 44, donated a kidney to her sister Beatrice Perez, 43, on July 9 and “two sisters are now in good condition,” he told AFP urological surgeon responsible for the transplant, Frederico Sallusto.

The doctor performed the operation with the expert in urology Nicolas Doumerc and had assistance from a robot.

The donor could go home two days after the operation, and the receiving four days later.

The hospital reminds doctors of India published in March a study on “eight patients who benefited from an innovative technique of introducing the graft vaginally, but with traditional colonoscopy.”

Toulouse Hospital states that so far a hundred people in India and the United States have received a living donor kidney transplant ─de no─ or by a surgical robot.

Dr. Sallusto told AFP that the man comes naturally otherwise, with a small incision above the pubic bone to implant a kidney with a robot.

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