Regional Limitations of the PS4

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The industry leading PlayStation 4 is the most powerful game console on the market, featuring a more powerful GPU than the Xbox One as well as a desktop quality internal processor. There were three versions of the PS4 released to market worldwide, one each for the European, North American and Asian markets, and although they are functionally identical when looking purely at specs, there are some regionally-based limitations that may affect your PS4’s experience abroad.


As far as basic gaming, Sony has placed no regional restrictions on game compatibility, which means games purchased anywhere in the world will typically play on any PS4 with the only exceptions being games that are region locked at the developer level. This universal compatibility extends to physical game discs as well as titles downloaded using PlayStation Plus, and so gamers can compare PS4 games online at Harvey Norman to get the best price online. While the official Sony policy is to recommend that users purchase games in their most frequent region of residence to ensure the highest level of support.

Downloadable Content

Downloadable Content, or DLC, is where regional compatibility issues may come into play. In-game content obtained online, such as additional characters, missions and maps, is associated with its region of origin when downloaded from a regional PlayStation store. While this can be worked around by establishing a second PSN account in the appropriate region, any purchases made will be locked to the account in the region and will have to be purchased again to retain access to the DLC in the user’s main account.

Blu-Ray Discs

One of the most popular features of the PS4 is its native support for Blu-Ray discs, enabling gamers to view their entire library high definition movies and shows on their consoles. However, the Blu-Ray player is programmed to accept only discs made in the user’s native region with other discs automatically generating a read error. Users who frequently enjoy foreign Blu-Ray discs as well as gamers who regularly travel overseas can by creating a new PSN account in the region associated with the disc.

The PlayStation 4 as designed to build on the manufacturer’s legacy of approachable gaming by making games universally compatible with PS4 consoles worldwide. Nevertheless, there are some advanced features of the console that cannot be accessed from outside the console’s native region, and Blu-Ray discs and DLC are just two aspects of the PS4 that are tied to the region of the attached PSN account.

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