Most urban air purifying World

Roosengaarde (1979) told Efe in an interview that the project is “a tower of about 6.50 meters tall, which absorbs polluted air, purifies it and returns clean air only to spit.”

Dutch artist Daan Roosegaarde designed as purifying air in the world, a project which will open in Rotterdam in September, which will allow ionic technology through the cities clean air pollution.

This tower, which for now is only a prototype, will open on September 4 at the new facilities of Roosengaarde studio in Rotterdam, with the idea that later trip to Beijing and possibly other cities like Mexico.

“The agreement we have reached with the City of Rotterdam is the city acts as a laboratory where all the ridiculous ideas that have, whether by orders or my initiative as an artist, are implemented here first,” he said.

This is the city become “a platform for new ideas” that encourages “the local economy and creativity,” he added Roosegaarde.

Although “Rotterdam has no serious pollution problems will be where we will test this new technology” to other governments and institutions to check their operation, and later to “travel to cities like Beijing, who have already started negotiations,” he said .

He added that one of the cities he is visiting Beijing, which faces a severe pollution problem that the authorities want to solve as soon as possible.

According to the designer, “they have a program of 165 million euros for the cleaning of the air of the city,” although he said that for the moment “all we are doing is moving factories to less populated areas.”

He added that in his opinion “need a more innovative solution and why they are interested” in the project, “but first I want to see that it works.”

For the artist, whose primary mission is “to design prototypes of the smart city of the future” is fundamental “learning from nature” and then “apply this knowledge in the design of buildings, public spaces, road construction or smart street furniture “.

Also “Glowing Nature”, an initiative in which the company works with Bioglow and the University of New York, and that is to “create genetically modified plants that light illuminate the city at night without street lights, cables, or solar panels “said Efe Roosegaarde.

The work of this young and innovative Dutch artist, which he said is “techno poetryā€¯, is to design and invent “pragmatic and poetic projects” having technology and nature for the design to be “more human, more sensitive.”

“All my work begins in art is poetry, and usually is linked to an obsession, but do not want to put the pieces in a museum but I want to work with people … Create intelligent landscape of the future,” he said.

He noted that now their concern is that “children in Beijing who can not play outdoors in the amount of contamination can.”

His anti-pollution project is completed with a collection of jewelry design with contaminated air particles.

“If we consider that a large percentage of air pollution is coal and that this material gets diamonds at low pressure, with waste polluted air will design high-end jewelry whose benefits will be aimed at improving the draft,” he said.

That aspect of the project “it expands its potential” because besides being technological innovation, it is also “social innovation” he said.

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