Mobile App Development: Top Secrets to Success


Mobile app development teams seem to be constantly under a lot of stress for delivering successful projects. With time, there is a growing demand for mobile application development agencies. The professional mobile app developers are putting in concerted efforts to come up with a successful project.

As per the findings of the new research by the renowned IBM Center for Applied Insights, there are four crucial points that make all the difference between a successful project and a slightly less successful one. Moreover, these key differentiators help mobile app development projects to completely fulfill budgetary constraints, schedule, and the precise project’s goals and objectives. The study was titled Star Qualities and involved determining what it takes for achieving mobile app development project success.

So, would you like to know about these four secrets to success? To our surprise, the failure or success of mobile app development projects actually did not depend on several factors you were considering at first, such as the size of the team, use of the web vs. native vs. hybrid implementation. The researchers were able to identify four simple strategies that made all the difference.

A Robust Mobile App Development Team

You need to hire the services of a team that is oozing with confidence, expertise, and possesses the right skill and a wealth of experience. It is really a challenging task to find well-qualified app developers with adequate experience and expertise in mobile app development. This is where app development companies in Mumbai, come to the picture as they take immense pride in their expert teams that have the relevant expertise and necessary experience.

Research has revealed that successful mobile app development projects boast of an expert and experienced mobile app development team. You need to find out how you would be filling up skill gaps if any. Keep looking for additional training opportunities, and consider mapping out different career paths for the top developers in the industry.

Use APIs and Cloud-Based Platforms for Allowing Flexibility

Research has revealed that successful projects have been relying on APIs and cloud-based platforms heavily. Consider using mobile app development platforms and cloud-based platforms for boosting development speed and also mobile app development platforms for avoiding being restricted to a specific technology or platform. This probably is an issue that could be responsible in slowing down the projects.

Foster Collaboration throughout the Ecosystem

Successful projects are those that have been able to collaborate closely with the entire ecosystem right from QA to design to the end users. Mobile app developers would be tasting success provided they are able to keep on collaborating closely with everyone else even those outside the core app development team, especially, the end users and the stakeholders. It is not enough to hire the services of mobile app developers who are blessed with strong collaboration and communication skills but they should be provided with proper tools and the right environment for fostering greater collaboration all through the development lifecycle.

Innovation via Analytics

Successful mobile app development projects have been inspired by usage analytics for innovation. Through remarkable analysis of end user feedback, like usage of app features or functionality, social media sentiment regarding the app, regularity of app use etc. they would be improvising on the existing applications and come up with new and innovative ones.

You must consider conducting usability testing while the app development process is on. Consider using analytics post launch for identifying popular functions and features for consistent application improvement.


You must learn from the successful mobile app development projects and get inspired by them so that your upcoming mobile application development project is able to achieve the project goals, meet the schedules and conform to the budgetary constraints.

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