Madrid hosts first international festival of short films in 4K technology

Madrid hosts first international festival of short films in 4K technology

Madrid will host next November 12th the first contest of short films recorded and post-produced in 4K technology in Europe, which quadruples the number of pixels in a conventional high definition screen.

This is the first International Festival of short HISPASAT 4K in which they have participated 72 short films from eleven nationalities and today they have released thirteen finalists, including both Spanish and Latin American authors are.

In the presentation, the director of Business HISPASAT and jury president Ignacio Sanchis, stressed that this is an initiative that aims to become an annual event and with the expectation of transforming the 4K (Ultra High Definition UHD) in Conventional entertainment.

Sanchis added that this improvement in image quality is developing the advances that have been “left on the road”, relating to the quality of the image or sound.

Among the finalists, only five will be the winners in the categories of Best Short Film, Best Iberoamerican short film, best short film school, best photography and best sound.

Fiction, documentary, experimental, music video or institutional, are some of the themes of these works, with films like “Tuesdays and shadows” of the Spanish Sergio Diez, Mexico “Modernity” of Roberto Barba or “The dress” the US Max Weissberg.

The regional director of Dolby Laboratories, Javier Foncillas, has indicated that it exceeded the limits of television in terms of sound and color quality, thanks to advances in “new devices”.

The requirement for candidates is short not exceed 20 minutes in length and its technical and plot quality is recognized, Foncillas added.

Meanwhile, the commercial director of Samsung in Spain, Nacho Monge, recalled that 70% of television “and incorporate the highest quality”, so this type of technology “is already established.”

The closing ceremony will be on November 12 at the Callao Cinema Madrid, with free access to full capacity, and project the five winning works as well as the premiere of the film “El Rastro”, directed by Rosa Ofelia Garcia and produced at UHD Spanish Radio Television.

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