Leon: well researched but not finish off the job with the transfer

Leon well researched but not finish off the job with the transfer

From the academic point of view, Spain has a “very good, getting better” and international impact but “finish off the job” with that knowledge transfer basic research, according to researcher Manuel de Leon, for whom “We are still mediocre” to hit the market.

“This is a deficit,” the Spanish system and they reflected the international indicators, said Efe De Leon, the Institute of Mathematical Sciences (ICMAT), center that collaborates and participates in the Third National Congress of Scientists Entrepreneurs.

In this sense, this mathematical recalled that Spain is ranked ten in terms of scientific production, but in transfer of knowledge “are more than halfway.”

“No or sometimes sufficient mechanisms are not adequate to achieve the transfer of research and also young people insist that a part of making the thesis or post-doctoral career also have that route, riding them his own company: missing mechanisms and awareness that can be “.

For this research, we must educate young people on this from the university, and reduce bureaucracy.

Leon explained that the academic world over the company “is not so simple; There is some fear in embarking on this adventure.”

In his view, the world of research is still too isolated from the world of business.

There is another problem, that private investment in R + D + I, is “very low” now does not reach 45% of the total investment and it should be in 50 or 60%, as in other neighboring countries, has pointed.

Precisely, this is what is discussed in the Third National Congress of Scientific Entrepreneurs, which aims to inform and encourage young people to create a firm scientific basis.

It is, according to De Leon, clearing unknowns and know examples of success.

The conference was inaugurated by the Secretary of State for R + D + i, Carmen Vela, who emphasized the work of the scientists who decide to undertake, reported his department.

Vela explained that from its secretariat are working to “promote mobility between the public and private sector, between the university or public research organizations and businesses.”

The Third National Congress of Scientists Entrepreneurs is organized by the DRO Foundation and held at the headquarters of ICMAT.

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