Kinect technology could improve X-ray

Kinect technology could improve X-ray

A team of scientists from the University of Washington has created an X-ray system with Kinect for obtaining high quality images without an extra dose of radiation.

The radiation produced by the X-rays would not necessarily be harmful in low doses, but is an aspect that doctors often monitor.

Hence, many times, before ordering a radiograph, ask the patient how much has been done this year. There is one point behind this is that the more images are obtained from the corresponding body part, or the larger the longer exposure time is the quality of the images. The problem is that these practices involve more radiation to the patient.

The research carried out by a team of scientists from the University of Washington has used the Xbox device to create an X-ray system with Kinect, with the advantage that the radiation is less, because the accuracy of the images obtained increases and therefore it is not necessary exposure time.

Combining the software with a specific device will have improved medical technology for such images. The X rays act based on the thickness of the body part to be photographed. This is where Kinect gets on his part, because its infrared sensor to measure the thickness automatically and accurately.

The X-ray system also uses Kinect camera, with objetico to confirm that the patient is well placed in the position corresponding to obtain the necessary images. The technology could be particularly beneficial in the case of children, most radiosensitive.

Kinect technology could improve X-ray

Medical applications of Kinect

The Microsoft device technology has been used repeatedly in the health sector, especially in the field of research to improve existing technologies and promoting new opportunities for patients.

Its characteristics have made Kinect was selected by the professor of the University of Valencia Felipe Querol, who serves as doctor in the Hospital de la Fe, for people with hemophilia could improve their health. Physical activity is important for these patients, which otherwise have a disabled appearance. A solution that will combine these two needs were health-oriented games and based on the Xbox controller.

This story is a reflection of the possibilities Kinect. But there are success stories. The University of Nevada used this technology to create a system that improves the perception of the blind. The system was able to recognize the environment, while the user could ask by gestures by the information obtained. Another team, this time from the Sheffield Hallam University, has used the Microsoft device to adjust the accuracy of breast reconstruction.

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