Israel, a technological barn booming

Israel, a technological barn booming

Beyond the conflict or of religious and tourist appeal of the Holy Land, Israel is home to a whole barn emerging companies have made very little time in a technological power, a figure that exceeds the thousand and seeks to expand its model success abroad.

The list is very long: cancer prevention systems in forest areas with mobile phones, to transform text on video and increase traffic to the “web” pages of the media, to cook healthy meals in a minute, to enhance interactivity TV viewers.

Also, to measure human clearly identifying pain in the brain, to ensure safety in automated driverless cars circulates, to recycle carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, to help the blind to read, to grow in the desert.

Innovative is huge explosion in this small, arid and unique country in the Middle East embroiled in a long conflict with the Palestinians. In fact, large foreign companies, without going any further the Spanish Telefonica, have decided to establish research centers to follow “in situ” leading-edge initiatives from the early stages of life.

“Large companies have realized that it is more cost effective to purchase a start-up while still begins its journey because that costs less , “said Efe department director for Central America Foreign Ministry of Israel, Lior Haiat Affairs.

So it sits on Israel, “to discover without waiting until the commercial phase of a product or service, what is cooking and what are the most promising developments”.

Almost a thousand “start up”

Only in Tel Aviv, the city that concentrates business, the number of startups or “start up” that exists around a thousand, what represent an average of 19 per square kilometer, the highest rate per capita in the world, even above the US . This figure would add that of other companies in other parts of the country.

It is small technology companies begin their journey with little resources, often among, usually young friends, with a few computers working from their own homes, and try to implement highly innovative projects.

Many fail, but that thrive tend to attract investors who bet on them to continue to grow, or directly end up being absorbed by already established companies.

Some 5,000 such companies are created every year in Israel, a figure that exceeds that of the entire European Union.

Of which approximately 80 percent fails although the rate is much lower than in the rest of the world ; they go ahead and get benefit, they also contribute to job creation, economic growth and social welfare.

WSCI 2015

Just this week in the prestigious Hebrew University of Jerusalem, whose founders is the genius Albert Einstein, being held through Thursday, the world of science macro conference WSCI 2015, with fifteen Nobel laureates and dozens of eminent international researchers and four young “talents” of universities in seventy countries.

One of the issues discussed was the consideration of Israel as a whole as a “start up” and there have been some recent innovative initiatives.

Acceptance of failure as an opportunity to resume a failed business, enthusiasm, good planning, clear organization of ideas and hard work are some of the keys to success, they have insisted the participants.

Other requirements for entrepreneurial success are favorable to the creation of companies that do not punish failure, entrepreneurial support programs, government support for the need to close your business and a close interconnection with the university legislative framework.

For the Israelis, also it influences passing for three years by the Army and experience from very young in difficult situations of conflict and the limitations to cross adjacent borders that seclude its small territory, as stressed in the conference.

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