Interview: Kevin Ho, president of the mobile devices division of Huawei

kevin Ho

The key to success lies in the basics: calling and surfing the internet with fluency and quality”

Kevin Ho

Kevin Ho is specialized in design engineer and has worked many years in the R & D of the third mobile phone maker in the world, Huawei, which now manages all product strategy and research to enlighten a new generation of mobile devices very different from the current, well kept secret in the headquarters of the company.

Ho was involved in the recent edition of the fair IFA in Berlin where I had the opportunity to introduce new phones in the Chinese firm, including its current flagship product, the Huawei Mate S, an advanced model that they want to change the touch experience and form we interact with the device. What are they trying to achieve with this new terminal?

“In our Mate S we have opted for the power of touch. One of its main features is the fingerprint sensor 2.0, the second generation of this technology increases the effectiveness and speed to unlock the phone. Secondly it highlights the activity and the third knuckle Force Touch to measure the force of the pressure exerted on the screen “ , explains the expert.

Can it change the way you use the phone? Will it cost used? We talked about doing gestures with his knuckles on the screen to open the browser or launch the camera, for example …

“At the end Huawei think how people can use technology in the most natural way possible.Technology surrounds your life and we want the phone quickly understand what humans want to do at that time. Touch is the way we relate, is what makes the use of a smartphone. We have now developed a new twist, as knuckles or the third dimension that gives the force sensor … so get your phone to make the functions you want the user. “

Increase sales

Huawei’s global sales are growing and conquering new markets. What are your predictions?

“In the first half of the year we shipped 48 million units and the target for the year it is to reach 100 million. I can not disclose sales targets for next year, but we expect a growth of 20 to 30 percentWe are growing fast and we hope to gain market share worldwide. This encourages us to invest more. “

If you ask people on the street, most have few marks on the head and probably before Huawei mention others like Samsung, Apple, LG or Sony, that’s at least what would happen in Spain. How do you intend to become a trusted brand and more familiar to the consumer?

“Huawei has 27 years of history, but we’re only selling to end-user devices 10 years. Six or seven years ago we were not so focused on selling smartphones, so we took very little time communicating directly to consumers. But, although we have much to do, we are acquiring a lot of experience with our partners in the media, distributors, etc. So we should not invest only in products but also in marketing and communication. We not only have the best products, but the best customer service. We want to be a ‘Brand loved’ people know more and we know our products. “

Companies have very different strategies, some offer an extensive range with dozens of models for low, medium and high; and we have others read Apple, which focus almost one flagship model. What is the strategy of Huawei in this regard?

“I think consumers have different needs when buying a new smartphone, we can not only provide a mobile for everyone, people are very diverse. Very different people have different needs. We like some mobile flag, our beloved Mate 7 S Mate now and teaches is also our P series, which currently dominates the P8. After those two terminals have a range a little lower than the G-Series we are now just presented the G8. But of course we also offer a range of entrance. Our idea is that there are few models, for example about 4 low-end, midrange and 4 or less similar number of high-end. We believe that this is the way. “

The key to success

What is the characteristic or feature that customers value most when buying a new phone: camera, processor design..?

“For a Smartphone, the key to success lies in the basics, which is able to make calls and surf the Internet with fluency and quality. We put much effort in this chapter, that the voice heard clearly, that there are no cuts, we sail with speed … However, this is the most basic, is never mentioned in the consumer market studies. The camera, for example, is essential as it has replaced traditional cameras in many cases, but the design is increasingly important. “

Some think that the current generation of mobile phones, large touch screen and good camera, has peaked. When new models come only slight improvements are noted, but in essence starting to look all too terminals regardless of brand. When do we expect a big jump, as graphene-based mobile, flexible, projected onto the skin, etc?

“Not only do we invest in products they invest heavily in technology future technology to improve battery performance and flexible displays. Be prepared for the future, we have many discussions with our partners and we are working on those special features to come. However, today’s phones and they will arrive soon work with other companies on the possibility that they are even thinner, use new materials and phones vary its shape. There is room for improvement. “

A fad?

They are wearables a fad or people will use them in your daily life?

“As smart watches are only beginning. They complement the phone, allow us to read messages or emails us and measure the hours we sleep, run or work. When you ask the consumer is clear that demand more features in these devices, the key is to see what those functions are. “

What about the car connected, it is also a way that can bear much fruit? After all it is a machine that too many people use every day.

“We Cube technology to put the Internet in the vehicle, we will provide access and Vokswagen brands like Audi and we’re doing a lot of R & D in this area. The idea is that you can do from the comfort of the same car can do on your mobile phone. “

Order a pizza?

“Of course, order a pizza. And many more things, “ concludes Kevin Ho.

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