Interact with your customers through social networks

 social networks

I well remember the question he asked one of the teachers who made up the jury for the approval of my work receptional to get my bachelor’s degree a few years ago:

How long is the response time on social networks – A what answer should be immediately and maximum response time one day (because the manager of social networks would be the owner and he did not meddle almost Facebook due to its multiple activities)

The teacher answered – The response must be immediate, there is no excuse to make you wait so long, because what they (the followers, potential customers, etc.) are looking for is to know more about the brand on products and/or services, aclarecer questions to make complaints and claims.

So dear readers entrepreneurs, businessmen and owners of MSMEs if they have decided to or longer is your BUSINESS in social networks is because they will interact with all kinds of people from their customers to the famous “Trolls ” (people who are just looking to attack your brand), with all of them need to interact and respond to everything you ask.

In particular I would recommend you bring your mobile device open the social networks of your business so that you receive notification from your media interaction, and you give answer immediately; which should be cordial, respectful and as far as possible personalized way.

The use social networks knowing them is a means that can give you great scope to your business, not overnight but is the result of a work record and interaction.

By the way, whoever is in charge of social networks must have done extensive knowledge of the company from product features to change policies and returns.

So if you’re in the NETWORKS get even the best game, make a strategy according to the personality of your brand and be consistent.

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