Intel is committed to interaction in its new range of products

Intel is committed to interaction in its new range of products

In Madrid showed its new range of products for the new season, “focusing on three scenarios: the senses, intelligence / connectivity and extension of oneself combination”, as explained today the CEO of Intel Southern Europe, Norberto Mateos.

In his presentation, the technology company has advanced some of its new products coming to market between late this year and early 2016.

“It will create a bridge between the digital world and the real world in which technology eventually will be an extension of us , “a circumstance that according Mateos” is already halfway and in which Intel is participating “.

In this line, the “Intel RealSense” platform will allow interaction with our own devices such as robots or drones through the 3D camera. In the case of “smart” phones, the brand is working with Google on the project “Tango”, which provide the same interactive features, but through the camera of “smartphone”.

In the sample, the communications director of Intel Corporation Iberia, Alvaro Garcia, has highlighted the importance of the so-called Moore’s Law -formulada by Gordon Moore, Intel founded 50 years ago to the effect that “approximately every two years the number of transistors on a chip doubles “which” has enabled further progress in the field of technology.”

Intel has also used to show the sixth generation of processors, “Intel Core “, which include the Core i5, Core i7 and Core i7-6700K models. A new feature has been “Wake On Voice “, developed with Microsoft, which allows you to restart the computer from sleep state to just give him a warrant.

For the youngest, the company introduced “Naby”, a chip that is placed in the seat belt of a baby “to avoid confusions and new parents forget to bring their children in the back of the car “according Mateos.

Other developments that have occurred have been the cuff “Fossil Group” connected to Apple Watch, or the “Peak” Bassis watch brand.

The presentation was enlivened by some advertising videos starring Jim Parsons, the actor who plays the character Sheldon Cooper on the television series “The Big Bang Theory”.

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