‘InnoMoney’ analyze finance transformation technology

'InnoMoney' analyze finance transformation technology

The proliferation of emerging technology companies with financial services so far confined to the banking environment, a particularly buoyant in 2015 current, is transforming the way of saving and spending, he said today the CEO of the association Adigital Jose Luis Zimmermann.

This year it is being particularly strong in creating these businesses or “startups”, confirming the consolidation of a phenomenon that is creating new business models in the financial area of the hand of technology, he added the head of the Spanish Association of the Digital Economy.

Zimmermann stressed “the revolution” is occurring in that sector, taking advantage of the day “InnoMoney”, called for this Friday Adigital, and with the participation of executives of banks, investors and entrepreneurs of international importance, to discuss the changes caused by the spread of technology companies that provide financial services (Fintech).

The “startups” Fintech usually offer their services more agile so that banks with lower costs by supporting infrastructure much lighter and is usually linked to type pages “web”, mobile applications digital environments, etc.

Its functions are of all kinds: personal loans, including companies, payments, foreign exchange transactions, financial advisory, collective financing, consumer loans, and digital commerce.

According to Zimmermann, the soundness of these businesses through technology maturity confirms that this sector is becoming known as Fintech, and reaffirms that initiatives are not a day but have landed on the market “to stay”.

In fact, he added, its success is coming to question the financial model implemented so far in the market is changing dramatically with the entry of new drivers actors business models alternatives.

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