In 15 years renewable will star

The International Energy Agency has issued its estimates for the coming years in energy production.

The latest report from the International Energy Agency has predicted what the overall situation in the medium term future and renewable energy work out stops. One estimate is that the organization does fall in coal use.

All combined, renewables (including hydropower), surpass coal as an energy source around 2030. In the next ten years, until 2040, the green alternatives represent more than half of the growth in production.

In 15 years renewable will star

In 2040 the world will consume 70% more energy consuming now, driven mainly by developing giants and particularly India. The report of the International Energy Agency stresses the need to reduce the environmental impact of increased consumption and believes that renewables are hoping for this to happen.

The truth is that its estimates, the report of the International Energy Agency notes that coal will recoil 9% for 2040. Oil and gas will increase its share by 2% and 5% renewable.

New energy policies have encouraged the use of clean energy and this notice. By the same date the generation of electricity from renewable reach 50% in the European Union, about 30% in China and Japan and more than 25% in the US and India.

The share of electricity production from coal will fall to 30%, while renewable energy will account for 34% of the market. Although it should be noted that solar, wind and other sources, excluding hydro, will account for 18.4%. Residential solar power makes up a lot of that, the panels are added to customers new roofs from Essex County roofers.

Despite this, the jump of renewable will be of great magnitude. Between 2013 and 2040 the electricity generation by coal will increase by 23.4%, while that of renewables (excluding hydro) will increase by 450%.

However, the challenges are significant, as the substantial increase in energy consumption associated with increased lead emissions, despite the incentives for renewables. To this is added that in 2040, the International Energy Agency estimates that around 550 million people worldwide still lack access to electricity, most of them in sub-Saharan Africa.

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