How to Save Online Audio Streams to Listen Later with Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac

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Do you like to stream music online, or listen to audio books? Although most of the time streaming audio is really fairly convenient – when you don’t have an internet connection your access to the content that you enjoy will be completely cut off.

Rather than let that happen, if there’s a particular song that you normally stream or an audio book that you’re currently following – why not save it onto your hard drive so that you can listen to it whenever you want. Once you do that you could even transfer it over to your mobile phone or MP3 player and use them to listen to it to make it even more convenient.

If that sounds appealing then you can use Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac to quite literally ‘record’ the audio while it streams and save it as an audio file. While the software itself is designed to record videos from your screen it can just as easily record audio from your speakers and it only takes a few steps to set that up:

  1. Ignore the capture frame and leave it as is.
  2. Make sure there is a green tick on the ‘System Audio’ icon so that the audio from your speakers is recorded (click it once to make it appear if it isn’t already there).
  3. Click ‘REC’ to start recording as the audio stream begins to play.
  4. Click ‘Stop’ when you’re done and then ‘Save’ to save it and select an audio format such as MP3 when you do.

That’s really all that you need to do to record audio on Mac. In the event that you want to explore its other features you’ll find that they will allow you to edit any videos you may record by cutting and combining video segments, enhancing the video quality, inserting stylish animated transitions, and much more.

In this particular case the one feature that might be very useful is Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac’s ability to trim out parts of the audio track. By using this feature you can make sure that only the parts you need make it onto the final audio file – and remove any bits that you don’t want. Once you’re satisfied and save it, you should have an offline version of that audio book or music track that you can listen to whenever you want.

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