French researchers can obtain sperm from male sterile in vitro

French researchers can obtain sperm from male sterile in vitro

A team of French researchers has succeeded in obtaining sperm of infertile men “in vitro”, achieved a world first in Lyon, announced today in this city in eastern France.

Scientists revealed in a press cell therapy technology with which, for the first time have been able to “differentiate germline stem cells (spermatogonia) and produce outside the body, morphologically normal sperm.”

The process is known as “spermatogenesis” and is said to evolve into complete sperm stem cells using other cells for their supply. Physiologically it is very complex and lasts 72 days, they explained.

The finding was driven by the emerging company Kallistem the Institute of Functional Genomics of Lyon.

After more than 15 years of research, the scientific director of Kallistem, Phillipe Durand, and Marie-Hélène joined Perrard research findings with those of university professor Laurent David, a member of the Laboratory of Polymer Materials Engineering, and managed to complete the challenge.

Opens the way for research

The discovery opens a path that researchers around the world seeking for years, stressed in a statement the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS), one of the institutions involved in it, along with Claude Bernard University or the National Institute of Agronomic Research (INRA)

Until today there was no real possibility of preserving fertility of prepubertal children undergoing treatments like some quimioterapias- gonadotoxic nor alternatives to biological parenthood sterile adults.

Researchers hope to meet the needs of both types of patients, who through a testicular biopsy “in vitro” will be obtained sperm able to be used later in an assisted fertilization, by microinjection into an oocyte.

The scientists stated that the sperm may also be obtained cryopreserved.

In both processes, the immediate fertilization “in vitro” or freezing will need to be analyzed before the quality of sperm produced.

The phase of these spermatozoa fertilization is still experimental mice remains to be verified and rodents born sperm and behaves normally created also from a physiological point of view.

Before turning to analyze the biochemical and epigenetic human gametes will also be necessary to check the normality of organs and reproductive capacity of small mammals, the CNRS said.

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