Coral reefs could be lost by 2050

Coral reefs could be lost by 2050

Coral reefs and grasslands could be lost worldwide in 2050 as a result of climate change, according to a study that analyzed 5,829 populations of 1,234 species, published by the WWF.

Fish populations key to human food security are declining in a “worrying” around the world, some of them at risk of collapse, according to alert the report “Living Blue Planet” published by this organization

It indicates that the key species for commercial fishing and subsistence, and hence, for the supply of food on a world scale may be suffering the biggest declines known fact points to a fall of 74% in guzzling fish like tuna , mackerel and bonito.

The study shows an overall decline of 49% on average in marine populations between 1970 and 2012.

Also reveals sharp declines in coral reefs, mangroves and sea grass hosting species of fish and provide valuable services to people.

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