Convened the 13th edition of Fotciencia

Convened the 13th edition of Fotciencia

FECYT and the Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) recently convened the 13th edition of Fotciencia, a contest that encourages people to capture images related to science or scientific research.

One of the photographs that were part of the exhibition Fotciencia edition in 2010. EFE / JLCereijido.

The aim of this competition is to bring science and technology to society through an artistic and aesthetic activities such as photography, explains the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT) in a note.

The competition is open to anyone over age present own photographs that have not been awarded in other contests and addressing the proposed theme.

Students may also participate secondary and intermediate vocational training in the ‘Science in the classroom’.

Photographs should be sent in digital form and be accompanied by an explanatory text will also be valued by the contest judges.

Participants have until October 29 to send the images to the following categories: Micro, if the photographed object is less than 1 mm or the image has been taken with micrograph, optical or electronic, and general when the actual dimension photographed object exceeds the millimeter.

The awards will have a maximum amount of 2,200 euros.

All photos submitted will become part of the gallery of images from the web and can be voted online from 2 to 15 November 2015, coinciding with the celebration of the Week of Science.

The most votes in each of the modes will receive an honorable mention.

As in previous years, a selection of photographs, besides the awarded by the jury, will be included in a catalog and will form part of a traveling exhibition that will visit various museums and centers of Spain.

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