Campaign contributions through tweets

Campaign contributions through tweets

Twitter has partnered with Square so they can make any economic contender for the US presidency through tweet donations.

“When people talk about politics, it does in Twitter (…). That’s why we’re doing that Twitter users find it easier to actively support candidates and causes, “the network said today on its official blog.

The announcement comes on the eve of the second televised debate between the Republicans to the White House in the 2016 elections, to be held Wednesday in Simi Valley (California) and will be broadcast on CNN applicants.

To receive donations, campaigns will have to create an account at Square, allowing them to obtain an individual identification that bears the name of “cashtag”, something like “tag effective.”

When that “cashtag” sharing in Twitter, a button will appear to make a donation.

If you click the button, a window in which the donor may include your information and make a contribution electoral using a debit card opens.

The application developed by Twitter and Square keep information from donors so that, the second time they want to make a contribution, only have to choose the amount you want to add and click on the donate button.

Election campaigns in the past have resorted to sending links to invite potential donors to make contributions, but demanded to open the link in a new browser window and did not always work well on mobile devices.

The alliance of Twitter and Square seeks to end these technical problems and recognizes the growing importance of mobile devices.

80% of users used the social network Twitter on a mobile device and is expected that many Americans see tomorrow’s presidential debate through his cell phone.

Both the neurosurgeon Ben Carson and Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, both candidates for the Republican presidential nomination, announced that expected to join the initiative launched by Twitter.

“This is the fastest and easiest way to make a donation via the Internet and the most effective way to run campaigns raising campaigns customized real-time digital backgrounds,” Twitter said on its blog.

The initiative is one of the first collaborations between Twitter and Square, both directed by the same CEO Jack Dorsey.

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