BBVA Fundeu write accented recommended labels on Twitter

BBVA Fundeu write accented recommended labels on Twitter

The words that are part of the labels or “hashtags” in the social network Twitter may include accents, so it is advisable to put them under the general rules of accentuation, as noted Urgent Spanish Foundation, promoted by the EFE Agency and BBVA.

Many tweeters purposely avoid using accents on labels (#frio, #campeon, #DiaExtremadura, # micancionfavorita …) or because they believe that the system does not support them, either because they considered that users do not usually include graphic accents and so searches you will not find the label if it has a tilde.

This difficulty, which really existed a few years ago, has been overcome, so that searchers Twitter interchangeably return the results of the written labels with and without accent, so you write with proper spelling poses no technical problem.

So it would have been preferable to write, in previous cases, # cold # champion # # micancionfavorita DiaExtremadura or whether they start with a conversation as if it continues an existing one.

The Fundeu BBVA, working in consultation with the Royal Spanish Academy and whose main objective is the correct use of Spanish in the media, has also the collaboration of the Cervantes Institute, the San Millan, Accenture, Gomez-Acebo & Foundation Pombo, CELER Solutions, Hermes Translations, Linguaserve and Abengoa.

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