Apps with controversy


We review applications that are more buzz in recent times, Where is the limit in this market?

Internet revolutionizes everything it touches. Born new products and services unthinkable a few years ago and impossible to make but there Network.

However, like any revolution “stops along the way corpses” or affect the waterline or traditional business activities. These Apps have called the “conflicting or controversial” because for some (traditional business) they are yet to users who use them are positively valued. So they are positive or negative? The answer depends on which side of the market you are or as they say depends “the eye of the beholder”.

Internet has burst in what we call “personal services” rendered by persons by name whose interest probably have a few extra benefits.

Most of these apps have achieved something simple but difficult theory to bring just and is set according to the particular person offering the service and the user on demand. The latter, not always looking to save money, but there may be other reasons: the search for more personalized services, less conventional, meet other people, cultures and countries, making friends etc.

The meeting between the offered and demanded is achieved because there is a platform or portal that brings them into contact and make the deal possible.

Proponents of this type of service claim against monopolies and companies that earn large profit margins because customers are required to purchase them. When it appears a new market place or portal services monopolies are broken and the user wins, wins special offers and loses that business, company or professional who offered before.

On the contrary, if we listened to businesses or professionals who provide these services, the arguments of their complaints are similar. It is an unfair competition, do not guarantee the user the quality of services and do not pay fees or taxes.

See concrete examples of conflict in two activities that we use regularly such as transport and tourism or accommodation.

For Uber has been around the world, where they have established has been conflict (and in some cases more than conflict) with companies or professional taxi, to the point that in countries like France have been banned or Germany have forced them to pay their taxi licenses for drivers.

In the sector of tourism and accommodation happens if something like uber with portals that offer apartments and accommodations in any city in the world, as Alterkeys or Airbnb and are in the crosshairs of the traditional hotel.

In conclusion, as we said at the beginning revolutionizes the Internet phenomenon and change the order of things.

There are new services and the end customer has power of decision as “choose not only the service, but who wants me to give service .” A reflection with controversy and different views. And you, what do you think? Leave us your comments and opinions!

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