20 Free programming courses to take online

20 Free programming courses to take online

We have compiled 20 free programming courses, which include all kinds of languages: PHP, HTML, CSS, C, JavaScript, Swift and more.

No need to go to college to gain knowledge about something. Many people working in the tech world have learned on his own, reading, practicing and creating everything they can.

If you want to learn programming, one of the best ways, and the most accessible is through the Internet taking advantage of the huge number of courses available to anyone interested.

Take courses on the Web is a great option, so it’s just cheaper to study at the university, especially if it is not devoted solely to programming, but allows you to learn at your own pace, you’re always updated with the most popular languages and with the latest technology, and also you can choose yourself each subject or theme.

To continue adding resources to our readers, after show and 15 free Spanish courses on various topics, and some places to take programming courses , this time we collected 20 free programming courses, some in Spanish and some in English.

20 Free programming courses to take online

1.Practical Fundamentals of programming from scratch. The instructor advised that at least you handle the computer in the middle level and teach you things that many programming languages have in common: the variables, reading and writing, operators, functions, loops and more.

2.Programming Basics. This course is available on YouTube, and also includes everything important from what is an algorithm, through the types of data used, and ending in a story about programming languages.

3.Basic course Android. As mobile applications programming is so popular, you learn the basics with this course DevCode.

4.Basic course to develop iOS Swift. Following the world of mobile, TareasPlus offers 20 lessons to start making applications in iOS.

5.Learn HTML5 programming from scratch. A course in English with almost 11 hours of information with all the basics of this language.

6.Introduction to Ruby.Codecademy offers this course entirely in Spanish with exercises you practice.

7.C Programming for Beginners. Although C is not a very popular programming language in this, yes it is a good way to learn the basics of algorithms, and it never hurts to know a little more about it. This course is nearly five hours of content.

8.Java Programming Fundamentals. Another widely used programming language, and a course with four hours of content spread over 57 classes.

9.Introduction of JavaScript. Another free course offered by Codecademy with many exercises to do.

10.HTML and CSS for entrepreneurs. This course is created for those who wish to undertake but fail to turn your idea into reality because they do not know how to program.

11.HTML and CSS Codecademy. Another course filled with exercises for you to create your first website with these programming languages.

12.Introductory course to jQuery. Perfect for take after you’ve learned about HTML, because they complement each other. Also interesting to practice exercises.

13.Introduction to Python. A very general programming language that is object oriented. Another full exercise by Codecademy.

14.CSS3 effects. Once we’ve started with HTML and CSS, you can include some effects using this course.

15.Introduction to web design. In this Spanish course you will be taught how to use HTML, CSS and other languages you learn to design web pages from scratch.

16.Responsive Web Design. And if you need to keep up with the web design, then you have to learn how to make pages responsive, that is, the screen size is adjusted. With this course you will learn the basics.

17.Responsive Web Design Fundamentals. Udacity English Course for intermediate users and instructional videos. Very complete.

18.Cookies and sessions in PHP. When you’ve got your gun web, then you can learn how to handle cookies and user sessions in PHP.

19.Advanced Android App Development. Another course in English but is advanced and free. Perfect for those who really want to learn how to design applications in Android.

20.HTML5 advanced course. Another course in Spanish which is in YouTube, with an average 73 classes of 20 minutes each.

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