1.6 million for biotechnology projects

1.6 million for biotechnology projects

A kit for early detection of Alzheimer’s, a treatment to prevent brain damage in stroke patients and smart bandage to heal wounds are 3 of the 15 projects in the field of biotechnology to the Social Work of La Caixa has earmarked 1.6 million euros.

The selected projects are part of a program called CaixaImpulse pioneer in southern Europe, aims to support biotechnology initiatives in the field of life sciences and health aimed at improving the lives of people.

In presenting the program, the general manager of Caixa Capital Risc, Carles Trenchs, explained that the main objective of this first edition is to “help science that is generated in our country is more likely to reach the market, has a practical application in the daily life of our citizens.”

Other selected projects have been a tool for domestic control creatinine renal patients, a new strategy to fight bacterial, especially lung infections, and stem cell therapy for the treatment of liver, lung and pancreatic diseases.

Trenchs noted that for a successful investigation “is needed to meet two factors: talent and capital; the program aims contacting the selected projects with people from the business world to commercialize the end products, and put at its disposal the necessary capital. ”

In this sense, the director of the department of Science and Environment of the La Caixa Foundation Enric Banda, has reported that each participant will have a budget of 50,000 euros to support the implementation of evaluation plans, and receive training “to as “valued at 15,000 euros.

This training is based on receiving advice from experts in each field, actions mentoring and bring projects to major events to generate valuable contacts in the industry with investors and the market.

Also CaixaImpulse designed an accompanying program for researchers receive constant information about your project by the industry, the market reference and experts in each field.

Finally, one of the “hallmarks” of the program is immersion in the reality of the market, where they have the support and guidance of business professionals and students in the masters related to biotechnology in various business schools in the state as ESADE and IESE, among others.

First edition

In the presentation of the first edition of CaixaImpulse, they were released three of the 15 selected, from Catalonia, Navarra, Andalusia, Madrid and Galicia projects.

First, the researcher of the Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia (IBEC), Xavier Punet, has reported that Dermoglass, smart to treat ulcers caused by chronic wound dressing, is the result of work that has already been tested on animals and it has achieved “very good results”.

Also he explained the project’s representative consortium of the Catalan Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences, Lina Badimon, trying to “find a solution to an unmet medical need” in the field of cardiovascular diseases.

In particular, Apo J-Glyc is a device used to diagnose what type of cardiac disease afflicting the patient to the emergency room with chest pain and reduce the time needed by health professionals for decision-making.

The third of the projects carried out by the CAR of the State Agency of the Higher Council for Scientific Research and called Werium Solutions.

Its director, Eduardo Rocon, has defined as a solution that “will improve the quality of life of people with disabilities, especially children with cerebral palsy,” as the project seeks to provide “affordable” technologies.

Thus, the main innovation of Weirum Solutions is to offer a unique solution to create a new channel computer access for people with disabilities, and develop a new form of physical rehabilitation based on videojuegos.

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